mY Story


Sitting on a rooftop bar in NYC back in 2017, founders of mYmosa, Bec & Amanda ordered a sparkling Rosè wine that was presented in a can. The novelty of the can and canning wine then became an interest to them both as they travelled throughout the USA for work, as did the novelty of ordering a mimosa cocktail for breakfast.  Put two and two together, 5 years of laughs, hard work, parties and plenty of mimosa’s shared around the world, they created the brand mYmosa. 

Always known as the last to leave any party, Bec & Amanda knew that creating the new occasion drink, mYmosa, would have them sharing good times with friends at brunch through to the dance floor after dinner. Which means anytime, anywhere and for any occasion.

Working in the marketing, media and communications industries for a combined 40 years, both Bec & Amanda love creating and promoting brands, however are always sad to say goodbye to the amazing brands they had created for others. 

COVID arrived, work dried up, mimosa’s became a staple in their diet which then sparked the reimagining of their NYC trip, so they partnered-up, trialled some wines, trialled some OJ, got out the soda stream then created a brand and beverage they love and can share with their friends and family. 

Bec and Amanda 

We believe that we should all live life as if it is bottomless. How much fun is that?